ROQUETTE is a boutique events company owned by Leisah Swenson & Monica Byrne based in Red Hook Brooklyn & Hudson, NY

We combine Monica’s years of experience first as a floral designer and stylist, and later as a chef, with Leisah’s extensive background in theatre and live performance production to create extraordinary events that are elegant, beautiful, warm and inviting.

Together we are:

Home/Made food & wine: First a Red Hook, Brooklyn pioneer, serving wonderful food in a setting more living room than restaurant, now in Hudson, NY.

Atelier Roquette: our Red Hook warehouse loft, available for special events, weddings, photo shoots, benefits, and other creative endeavors.

Roquette Catering & Special Event Design is our boutique full service catering and event design company, with a focus on weddings, and non profit benefit production. For our weddings we can do everything from Engagements to Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, and Day After Brunches in addition to full event production of the Big Day, the Wedding itself! For our Non Profit Clients, we handle every aspect from food to decor all in the name of a good cause.

Monica grew up in Tribeca, before there was a grocery store, so her mother, Dona, used the Union Sq Farmer’s Market as her place to stock the refrigerator.

Before the grocery stores came, wonderful restaurants opened up, so it was either fresh market food and cooking at home for guests, or wonderful samplings of local restaurants to eat at on a regular basis.

Eating this way growing up informed Monica’s sensibilities about food, and helps to explain why she’s incapable of making a simple dinner for 2!

Our food is rustic and elegant, inspired by the European traditions of fresh markets, and seasonal foods served simply in bright vivid flavorful combinations. We are lucky to live in a time when there is such an emphasis on fresh and local food, and wild creativity.

ROQUETTE CATERING & special event design:

Our Process:

Each of our events is custom designed. As such we create our quotes in an itemized manner for maximum transparency and clarity about what an event costs, and why.

Each quote consists of the following separate elements:

Food, Bar & Bar Mixers, Labor, Rentals, Flowers & Décor.


When planning a menu, our process is collaborative. We ask our clients to create a list of foods they love, and foods they hate. We take the list, combine it with what we know about the occasion, venue (cooking facilities), time of year, what’s lovely in the market, what translates well to serve a crowd, as well as budget information. We throw it all in the hopper and come up with a suggested menu. We send it to our client for feedback, and between us make the changes needed to create the perfect personal menu for our client’s event.

Full Service off premises food costs start at 60.00/person.

Plattered events for delivery or pick up start at 35.00/person.

In House events start at:

50.00/person for Brunch Parties, 55.00/person for Cocktail Parties, Seated Dinners start at 85.00. (3 hour events)

Weddings start at 65.00 for cocktail style, and 95.00 for seated dinner. (weddings are 5-6 hours long, and thus require quite a bit more in food & labor.)


Bar can be handled many different ways. We can provide full bar or our clients can supply their own alcohol (at off premises events. On our premises, all alcohol must be handled by us, in-house.) We do however, always provide the mixers, soft drinks, and ice for our bars. We pride ourselves on fresh squeezed juices, fruits and garnishes, beautifully presented. (For off premises, and events at Atelier Roquette).

No outside alcohol is permitted for events at our restaurant, Home/Made, or our event space, Atelier Roquette.

Clients supplying their own liquor (for off site events) must secure a day permit from NYSLA, in addition to Liquor Liability insurance.

MIXERS: 8.00/person


For our full service events we have a wonderful group of talent we draw on, some have been with us for years, others for months, we are constantly adding people as others move on to their chosen professions. Some we are lucky to say keep coming back whenever they find themselves in NY. Most of our team come through the recommendation of one another, and as a result we have a warm tight knit group who work really well with one another, and truly enjoy being your hosts, making your guests feel warmly welcome and comfortable.

Events require a good deal of labor. We are in most cases, building a space from scratch for the day, doing the actual event, and then taking it all apart again at the end. So our day is often much longer than clients imagine it might be. Our average day is between 10-14 hours long for most our staff. The average wedding is 5-6 hours long, so even at 12 hours, that’s still only 4 hours to set it all up, and 2 to take it apart, clean up and load out again.

Our labor rate is 35.00/hour per team member, and 50.00/hour Front of House Captain, and Executive Chef.

We generally use a ratio of approximately ratio of 1 staff member to 10 guests. (Usually 15 for 150 person event, 12 for a 100 person event, 10 for up to 75 guests, adjusted depending on the exact needs of the event.) Labor fees cover labor used on the day of the event only. Labor before and after the event are covered by our administrative fee.


For most empty venue events, (which is to say most of the interesting and eclectic spaces we end up working!) every item from chairs to spoons and forks need to be brought in from a rental company. Depending on the venue, that list may also include kitchen equipment. We’ve worked places where we’ve brought in everything from electricity to running water….

Rentals are probably the biggest hidden expense in creating a special event from scratch, but they are also what allow you to create something unique and individual, not cookie cutter or generic.

Each item on it’s own is not necessarily cost prohibitive, the challenge comes in adding it all up. For example, glassware: For a 100 person event you don’t need 100 glasses, you need approximately one glass per guest per hour of the event. So in a wedding, you need at least 600 glasses, more if you want a full bar with a variety of different glasses, then it can be up to 900 or 1,000 glasses to guarantee you have enough on hand. So a glass that rents for .80-1.20/piece means around 750-1500. in glassware alone.

We work with several reputable NY rental companies, primarily Broadway Party Rentals. In addition, we have a smaller collection of in house rentals we have accumulated over the years, which is also available: Glassware, Dishes, Platters, Slate & Wood Boards, Vases, Props, Lounge & Living Room Furniture, Linens and one of a kind items, other random artful objects!

Rentals Pricing varies from event to event depending on the specific needs, however, we have prepared a matrix of the basic (tasteful) needed rentals to produce a cocktail, family style or plated dinner reception to give you a realistic estimate of rental needs and costs.


Monica started her career as a floral designer, which led to photo styling, which led to culinary school. We are very happy to offer design and floral services to our clients. Our design aesthetic is rustic elegance, lush abundance, with touches of whimsy, but never overly fussy. Our approach is a holistic one, we love every detail of our events to flow together seamlessly, the food, the flowers, the design and overall ambience. We can provide every detail from bouquets to vintage props, linens & candles.

Pricing for design services varies widely depending on needs, but our average design budgets start at 2,500.00.


We charge a 20% Administative fee to cover our planning costs, administrative costs, pre and post event labor. This fee covers all of the planning that goes into creating your event, including correspondence, meetings, event design and menu creation, staff training, checklists, sourcing of product, specialty items, calculating rentals, placing orders, liaising with venue and other vendors as needed, literally everything except the actual day of event labor & food cost. Events like these require a lot of advance planning and work. Trust us, you don’t want us to just start working on your event the day of, and see how it turns out, you want us working in advance to make sure it all comes together beautifully. You also don’t want to be billed hourly for the team’s efforts leading up to the event, that would become very expensive quickly!


We do not assess a gratuity, nor is our administrative fee a gratuity. We believe in making sure the team is paid a fair rate, and that any additional gratuity is at the sole discretion of the client. However, if a client does decide to thank the team with an extra acknowledgement, we will happily make certain it is fairly distributed amongst the entire team, allowing us to include the “behind the scenes” staff, who work hard to produce your event, handling everything from moving furniture to hauling garbage and washing dishes. These people are the unsung heroes of special events who make it all possible, even if they never meet the client.

Fee Summary:

Food: From 60.00/ person for off premises full service events

From 35.00/ person for plattered and to go (food only) events

From 50.00/ person for in house Brunch Parties

From 55.00 /person for in house Cocktail Parties*

From 85.00/ person for Seated Dinner Events*

From 65.00/ person for Cocktail Style Weddings

From 95.00/ person for Seated Dinner Weddings

*Not weddings, limited to 3 hour maximum events, average wedding is 5-6 hours.


Mixers / Ice / Soft Drinks: 8.00/ person

Beer and Wine:

To include, Red White, Rose & Sparkling,

as well as Craft Beers of our choosing: 35.00/ person 2.5 hours (for a 3 hour event)

40.00/ person 4.5 hours (for a 5 hour event)

Clients Choice from our List:

by the bottle consumption based

Full Open Bar: premium liquors,

wine, draft and bottled beer: 40.00/ person 2.5 hours (3 hour event)

45.00/ person 4.5 hours (5 hour event)

*Included in this package is the option to create a signature cocktail for your event.

Labor: 35.00/ hour per staff member

Rentals: Varies, see attached matrix for estimates

Flowers & Design: Average 2,500.00 – 5,500.00 for Weddings

Smaller events depend on specific needs.

Service Fee: 20%

Every event is different, with different choices and components, so we do not do flat per person quotes, but on

average, most of our custom designed weddings end up costing between 200.00 – 400.00/ person when

including all the elements, from food to labor to rentals etc. We have also created a special package for clients

who love our style and want something a little simpler, in house at Atelier Roquette.

See our images on instagram: @homemadebklyn & #AtelierRoquette